Public Notice

The brand and legal entity of Sekolah Djuwita is copyrighted, owned and managed by Yayasan Djuwita Prakarsa, a non profit organization. Mrs. Djuwita Barak Rimba, established the foundation in 1995.
Yayasan Djuwita Prakarsa, is the legal owner of any proprietary information, material, curriculum, teaching materials, supplements and items that bear the Sekolah Djuwita name or logo, including TK Djuwita (Kindergarten Djuwita), SD Djuwita (Primary School Djuwita) and SMP Djuwita (Junior High School Djuwita), including those on uniforms, books, bags, material (school papers, report cards, certificates and examination papers) and all merchandise.

Only certificates, report cards and transcripts endorsed by Yayasan Djuwita Prakarsa are officially recognized by international accreditation bodies.

As such, only Yayasan Djuwita Prakarsa has the legal ownership and right to implement any policies, procedures and programs that directly or indirectly affects the Sekolah Djuwita name. Any individual or organizations infringing on copyrighted material intentionally or unintentionally is violating international and Indonesian copyright laws govern the protection of copyrighted materials. As such, Yayasan Djuwita Prakarsa has the legal right and obligation to seek damages and compensatory damages for copyright infringement.
If you are aware of any individual or individuals infringing on Sekolah Djuwita name or logos (intentionally or unintentionally), please contact us. Infringing includes materials, books, curriculum, teaching aids or supplements not endorsed or approved by Yayasan Djuwita Prakarsa. If the information you provide us helps secure a successful court conviction, you may be compensated.

C/O: Yayasan Djuwita Prakarsa Sekolah Djuwita Komp. Anggrek Mas Batam Centre Batam, Indonesia 29432 Email : Phone : +62 778 464 005 The information provided by you will be kept confidential. Furthermore, your support and assistance in providing information will help us insure the quality of education expected at Sekolah Djuwita is maintained. Thank you.