At Sekolah Djuwita, we believe in quality not quantity. As such, we limit the number of students enrolled each year. For the 2007 / 2008 school term, we will be limiting the number of new students to 110 for each campus. The reason why we have this policy is to maintain the quality of our program. For this reason, we encourage parents to pre-register their children early in the year.

At Preschool Djuwita, parents can enroll their children any time throughout the year. Please bring copies of your child’s birth certificates and medical records. The minimum age to attend playgroup is 1.5 years.
Only students attending recognized and accredited pre-schools will be granted admission to Sekolah Djuwita. All students must demonstrate an acceptable social, mental, and functional level prior to admission.
For students in elementary through high school grade levels, parents can pre-register their children beginning in January or during open registration in April. The students would be admitted on a conditional basis, meaning they are not officially enrolled in Sekolah Djuwita, until their final grades and examinations scores has been released. During the pre-registration process, parents are required to pay a 10% non-refundable deposit to the school. In addition, all prospective students are required to take an entrance examination before being admitted.

Also, the school reserves the right to interview any prospective candidates before final approval is given by the school board. All interviews are conducted by the principal or Director of Academic Affairs. The cost of attending Sekolah Djuwita is very affordable and reasonably price.

All students are required to pay a one-time registration fee, plus a monthly tuition fee (which is due on or before the 10th of every month). The school tuition and registration fees vary from grade level and campus location. Sekolah Djuwita does not charge a service fee for paying school fees on a monthly basis.

All of our campuses establish their own school fees, as such Sekolah Djuwita has a policy not to post or quote schools fee on-line or on the telephone. Also from our experience, we recommend parents not to select schools based primarily on cost. Therefore it is important for parents evaluate the school by its reputation, curriculum, and successes. As such, we recommend all prospective parents to contact the school for a campus tour. At that time, you’re welcome to ask our staff questions about the school and fees.

In addition to the registration and tuition fee, all students must pay an annual program fee. This fee covers the cost of implementing proprietary programs licensed by Sekolah Djuwita. All program fees are due on or before April 30. The school reserves the option to deny admission because of non-payment of fees.
Depending on the campus and grade level, students would be required to pay for other programs not covered by the registration or tuition fee. This includes: library cards, Outdoor Science Camp, locker rental, sports programs, and Saturday courses. Replacement and new school uniforms must be paid in addition to registration and tuition fees.
All school fees (including monthly tuition) must be paid on or before the 10th of every month. Otherwise a late fee will be imposed. Students will be restricted or prohibited from participating in any school sanctioned activities, examinations, or competitions, until accounts are fully paid. Sekolah Djuwita reserves the right to withhold student’s report cards, transcripts or final records for non-payment of school fess. NO EXCEPTION.
As a service to parents, Sekolah Djuwita offers the convenience of paying school fees with a credit card or BII (Bank Indonesia International) debit, a small service would be charged for debit transactions