Sekolah Djuwita values and encourages a sense of responsibility, respect for diversity, service to others, moral integrity, environmental awareness, and sensitivity to issues of global significance.


Who we are

Concern for the development of individual

Sekolah Djuwita is a community of active learners working in concern for the development of individual success and self-esteem.


What we do

Comprehensive Curriculum

a comprehensive curriculum which seeks to develop the total child – intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially, aesthetically, and emotionally. Creative and critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and a love of learning are major objective.


Why Choose Us

We have great schools!

Innovative and Award-Winning Curriculum, Outstanding Extra-curricular Program, Safe Campuses, Well-Maintained Campuses, Caring Culture, Quality Staff, Seasoned, Stable Leadership

5 Day Singapore Exchange Program

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Words cannot explain how wonderful you all, have been in the past five days we spent together from breakfast to good nights. although some of you have a little bit out of control, you are all wonderful children in my eyes. I am Happy that we were all able to spend time together and sad that time flew by so fast. it was great getting to know everyone a little bit better. I am so proud to call all of you my students.

Much Love

Sekolah Djuwita - Nurturing The Spirit Inspiring The Mind

As the school’s founder, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all members of the school community and to all prospective parents and students interested in attending our fine school. Deciding where your children should spend their most important years is a very crucial decision that you will ever have to make.

Djuwita Kindergarten Students Dance "Umbrella" [ Batam MegaMall ]
Djuwita Kindergarten student dance "Fireworks" [ Batam MegaMall ]
Djuwita High School students cover song "Red from Taylor Swift"
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Welcome to Sekolah Djuwita National Plus,With great schools! Students receive an academically rigorous, high standards-based educational curriculum in a safe, caring and supportive environment that promotes personal development.

On the Subject of Us

You will be comforted to know that we have programs and activities that encourage and motivate intellectual and moral growth in our students, which helps them develop their self-esteem, and the courage that they will need in the future, so they may be able to deal successfully with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Play Group : Kompleks Anggrek Permai Blok A K#2-8, Batam Centre Telp. 0778-457146. TK - SD - SMP - SMA : Kompleks Anggrek Mas, Batam Centre Telp. 0778-464004. 0778-464005.
Jln. Sei Asahan No. 37 Medan - Sumatera Utara, Telp. 061-822 4005.
Kompleks Gardenia No.13-22 Arengka - Pekanbaru, Telp 0761-561 196. 0761-561957.
Puri Gardena Jln. Gardena Utama Jakarta Barat, Telp. 021-5415501.
K1. D.I. Panjaitan KM. 9 Kompleks Bintan Centeer Telp. 0771-316226.

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